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The BusinessFirst! program strives to be a one stop solution to many of your business' needs, and you should know about the many resources available in the Greater Dayton Region. The list below represents just a few of the areas that our resource partners’ work contributes to a common goal – to support the growth of companies in our community and create a better business environment. Associations and information resources geared toward specific industries or specific business issues are at your fingertips. The BusinessFirst! partners work with this rich network of resource providers every day and can help businesses connect with the right person at the right time.

Domestic/Global Marketing & Sales - Resource partners in this category can assist businesses with their marketing strategies to increase sales both at home and overseas. They also assist businesses with international trade and promoting business success through networking, advocacy, education, economic development, and sharing best practices.

Market Research - If you need assistance with market research or for market studies for new products and services, these resource partners are available to you through the BusinessFirst! program to help conduct research for your targeted market.

Entrepreneurship/Management - Resource partners in this category represent many educational organizations including colleges, universities, small business centers, and more that exist to assist with leadership development and strategic planning for entrepreneurs.

Environmental/Government Regulations - These resource partners assist with a multitude government regulations including environmental, worker injury prevention and compensation, and building regulations. They can also assist with improving your green practices including waste reduction and recycling.

Financing/Capital - Resource partners in the financial and capital category are there to assist businesses with securing the appropriate financing for them. They can also help businesses with location assistance and obtaining grant funding.

Information Technologies - The information technology resource partners are here to help businesses with all of their information technology needs. They will help create a community where businesses can grow, share knowledge, and explore the future.

Community Outreach Partners/Local Government Services - Through BusinessFirst!, companies have access to all community outreach partners located in each jurisdiction throughout the footprint of the program.

Local Assistance - This category represents several organizations who are available to businesses to assist with networking, advocacy, and location.

Operations/Production - The resource partners in this category are available to businesses to assist with training, workforce development, and support for companies to boost productivity and profitability.

Product Research & Development - Resource partners in the product research and development category offer superior experience and knowledge in research and technology, multi-disciplinary services in meeting our clients’ diverse education and training needs, and a wide range of mechanisms to promote networking and information exchange.

State Government - Partners in the state government category include multiple state government agencies who offer companies a multitude of services in many areas.

Transportation, Logistics & Supply Chain - Included in this category are agencies that are responsible for the various modes of transportation available in the Greater Dayton Region as well as educational institutions that offer training in supply chain.

Utilities & Telecom - These resources partners assist businesses with their telecommunication and other utility needs.

Workforce & Training - Resource partners in this category are available to assist businesses in finding resources, training, support, education, and consultation needs. These partners can also help with recruiting and screening potential employees.