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  •   "When you are looking at expanding but you don’t know where to start, BUSINESSFIRST! helps you to learn about the options that are available to companies."                                  Mike Bozzo, President, T& R Welding
  • "Dedicated to assist private business owners to grow a sustainable business so that they can employee more people."

    Kelly McCracken, Business Development, Aileron

  • "Knowing who your business can call so your company can get connected to the right partners to assist your company"

    Gary Fisher, Vice President, Video BizCap

  • "Finding ways to help our businesses - call one person and get the answers you need to assist businesses in your community."

    Erika Vogel, Deputy Township Administrator, Butler Township

  • "Giving businesses all of the information they need to know."

    Gregg Gorsuch, Economic Development Manager, City of Kettering

  • "A very effective way to help our businesses and connect them to resources."

    Steve Brodsky, Economic Development Director, City of Xenia

  • "Helping grow jobs and communities in the region."

    Dave Burrows, Vice President, Dayton Development Coalition

  • "Helping companies to get Green certified and enhanced rebates for businesses."

    Lamees Mubaslat, Director, Dayton Regional Green 3

  • "Assisting early stage companies and helping to validate start-up businesses."

    Patricia Newcomb, The Entrepreneur's Center

  • "We provide resources that businesses might otherwise pay for through electronic databases - prospecting sale's leads, demographics, and trade and industry publications."

    Jeff Fortescue, Dayton Metro Library

  • "Helping companies through employer outreach and to remove obstacles to do business and provide education and prevention measures for worker safety."

    Erin Rosiello, Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation

  • "We act as a consulting arm for the U.S. government for trade; we provide market intelligence, understanding tariffs and their impact to companies - information on how to use Free Trade Agreements, and provide guidance in supporting companies who need help with International Trade and Logistics."

    Deborah Dirr, U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Assistance