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Regional Workforce Profile

The BusinessFirst! regional footprint contains almost half a million jobs (497,175). Major employment sectors include Government, due in part to Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio’s largest single-site employer (29,000 jobs), Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail Trade, and Professional Services. The region has benefitted from new companies choosing to locate here and expansion of its companies. For example, since 2009 the BusinessFirst! region has seen a resurgence in Manufacturing, resulting in a 7.3 percent increase in manufacturing jobs, which greatly exceeds the national average (2.7 percent). 

Regional Workforce Demographic Data
Population (2014) 895,533
Jobs (2014) 497,145
Average Earnings (2014) $47,033
Education/Training Program Completions (2013) 16,490
High School Dipolma (2014) 88%
College Education or Above (2014) 56.2%







Regional Workforce Resources

There are many resources throughout the greater Dayton region to assist businesses in finding the talent needed in their operations.

SOCHE: The Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education formed in 1967 and is a regional consortium of 20 colleges and universities in southwest Ohio. SOCHE is the collaborative infrastructure for higher education, helping colleges and universities transform their communities and economies through the education, employment, and engagement of more than 120,000 students in southwest Ohio.

Employer Services at OhioMeansJobs | Montgomery County: OhioMeansJobs | Montgomery County (formerly The Job Center) provides many services to employers in the area. Some include job posting, pre-screening, private interview rooms, assessment and testing, wage subsidy programs, mass recruiting, and more.

Summer Youth Works at OhioMeansJobs | Montgomery County: The Summer Youth Works program at OhioMeansJobs | Montgomery County provides employers with youth ages 14-17. Montgomery County provides the training and wages for the youth and the employers help provide youth with meaningful work experience. The youth are our future and Montgomery County wants to work with businesses to develop the future talent of the region.

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